Key in Search of Home
Commissioned by Key Warehouse LLC & Keller Realty
Reno, NV
Assisted by Derek Yost and Anthony Arevalo
Spray and latex paint on corrugated metal
280 x 18 ft
Brooklyn Street Art article

"Key in Search of Home" is a tribute to John Key, an Elko, Nevada cattle rancher. His family approached me to paint a memorial that celebrated their fathers passion for life on the ranch and the landscape of the West. Their actual ranch house is painted within the up-turned horseshoe and their brand is above the red door in the form of none other than a key.

Keys are very important to another mysterious cowboy, one whom was included amongst the backdrop of neon cowboy hats. The uniquely stylized neon hat is a colossus version of the Colossus of Roads moniker. Colossus, aka buZ blurr is a prolific boxcar and mail artist in his own right and nearly ten years ago my good friend Derek Yost and I biked from Reno to Gurdon, Arkansas to meet and create a movie about him. It was there that buZ took us out to his ranch where he had two beat up Ford's that he has been filling with keys mailed to him from every part of the globe. Since our visit I have mailed him countless keys and always think of him when I come across a key in search of a home.

Derek now lives in Portland but it seemed only appropriate to involve him in this mural. Along with his awesome overall assistance he painted the cowboy silhouette composed of a golden eagle.