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Erik Burke lives in Reno, NV and creates art throughout the world under the name OverUnder (OU35). His latest work can be seen in St. Louis, Rochester, Baton Rouge, Cleveland, Mexico City, Ensenada and closer to home in Reno. His work has been published in the book 'Street Art; The Best Urban Art from Around the World' , 'Outdoor Gallery', 'Street Art New York', and a couple police files. He currently runs The Big Little artist residency and prefers to live where there are NO mosquitos.

My explorative nature has taken me to places surreal and commonplace. I use these opportunities to learn from our built environment, and the people and history that make them unique. I also like the souvenirs.

I believe painting and traveling inform one another. Painting in public allows me an admission or a reason to transcend tourism and explore citizenship. It begins a dialogue with these places, and more so, the people that make them unique. Collaborations in this regard are extremely authentic and invaluable to artists as well as communities in need of some sort of catalyst.

My paintings reflect a deep interest in history and the narrative power of images to abstractly connect the past and the present. Through a culmination of iconography, portraiture, ecology, and the creative use of urban spaces I hope to tell the untold. Or at least unravel it a bit.

Past works have included building and living in a cabin in the heart of Brooklyn, running an alleyway gallery for 4 years, biking across Europe while creating work for an exhibition at the final destination, and seeking out weathered and decommissioned spaces for wheat pastes and murals. Throughout that time I have continually returned to the inspiration of geography and identifying a sense of place.

Once it was my goal to bring art from the pedestal to the people. Now I just try to remember to take the oil bars out of my pockets before doing laundry. I am an American painter and geography is my muse.

Baltimore, MD photo by Martha Cooper
Varanasi, India photo by Erik Burke
American Flats, NV photo by Mike Fitzsimmons